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Claire's work for years in the organization of weddings.

The basis of our work is always the absolute conviction that the day of their wedding is a unique event and a nice, fun to organize, share and enjoy with your loved ones and friends. For this reason we offer the bride and groom our professionalism and our ideas to help them realize their party, made up of many moments, so many ways to design, coordinate and cure.

Thanks to the competence, professionalism and a selected network of suppliers, Claire's is able to offer a highly qualified and customized for the organization of events, such as meetings and working lunches, dinners and galas, openings and presentations companies.

We work with several experts in the world of events, by creating strong partnerships and acquiring partners and capable staff, who are distinguished for their work and the professionalism in the search for more specific details: ones that turn a wedding into an unforgettable event.

In 2009 was born our brand for "Claire's Wedding Planner", a registered trademark.

Among our many partners, we can include exclusive locations, catering specialists, photographers who work in the field of fashion and design, which reflect our high level of standards. With their study and create events with the aim to achieve, with attention to detail, unique and unforgettable event.

Today, the wedding planner, in addition to the role of supporting customer choices, it is becoming a real "designer" of marriage. Not only do we, then, to propose only suppliers, but interpret the tastes of customers and create a unique wedding, reflecting tastes, budget, colors and themes favorite clients, giving a personal touch to the details that make it special ceremony.



"Simplicity, tradition and innovation.

A figure discreet but vital for the success of an event to remember. "